Monday, August 22, 2016

School is back in session, and what better time to rummage through the wardrobe and go out with the old and in with the NEW? Seriously, you do NOT want to walk into class wearing that same, mustard-stained shirt you wore last year. You really don't. Now's the time to do the yearly purge and bring in versatile, fashion-forward essentials that will keep you looking on point all year long. These are my go-to staples that adapt to all climates - from fall to spring and every cloud in between. Whether you're going for street-styled swag or a more formal look, this guide has got you covered!

These essentials will give you a confident debut look for the new year and land you an A+ in kick-ass style!


Cardigans are so IN this year - and I couldn't be happier. They are totally like the new hoodie, adding a bold touch to almost any outfit and really pulling looks together. By September, you will seldom see me without one.

I love the neutral, earthy feel of this Supima cardigan from Brooks Brothers. Easily pair it with any solid color button-down or tee shirt.

I'm all about solid-colored cardigans. You really can't go wrong with them because they match with EVERYTHING - and this one from Land's End is no exception.

Every wardrobe needs at least one statement piece. That would be this Yellow, color-block cardigan from Eric Dress. Pair it with a white shirt and let it speak for itself.

I'm obsessed with this longline Kimono cardigan from ASOS because of it's casual feel and the length of it. There's a wow factor to it, making it more than just your regular cardigan.

No wardrobe can be complete without a blazer. It's a staple that allows you to dress drastically up for any formal event, or drastically down. One of my favorite street-styled looks is a pair of dark wash jeans, tee shirt, and blazer. The simple design of this blazer from ZARA is way at the top of my list of necessities.


This pink button-up from Aeropostale will be the most versatile shirt you will ever own. It dresses up for a formal look or down for a casual look and goes with everything.
Now's the time for me to talk about my favorite piece of clothing ever on the face of the earth. Seriously. I take my Henley from H&M very seriously. Not a week goes by that I don't wear one (I own every color and highly recommend the same to you). They are so comfy, and when the weather turns chilly just roll the sleeves down for a slightly warmer feel.

Similar to the pink option, this is another versatile option from H&M that is handy to keep in the closet.

Ah, the white tee shirt. Do I need to say anything else? If you don't own one, I really don't know what planet you are living on - but I'm featuring this H&M Tee because a V neck helps to create a less sloppy look.

Bold, thick-stripe tee shirts are great for any day-to-day outfit, just like this navy blue stripe pocket tee from H&M.

The white dress shirt. It's like the white tee - a staple that if you don't have, well, bless your heart. This is my favorite no-iron fit from Banana Republic.


When I first purchased olive-green pants, I have to admit that I was hesitant and unsure if they would turn into those pants that just sit on the shelf and never get worn. After wearing them a time or two, they are now one of my essentials. I love the natural, earthy tone - especially paired with a grey or black cardigan as the weather starts to turn chilly.

My American Eagle Flex jeans are something I can't live without. I buy them in bulk (literally) so I never have to worry about them being in the dirty clothes. This dark rinse is my all-time favorite color.

These white Gavin pants from Banana Republic add a classy look to any casual or formal outfit and pair with any button-down shirt on earth.

Just like the dark rinse jeans, these distressed American Eagle Flex jeans add variety and edginess to your look.

Black Dress pants are a necessity for ANYONE. They are a must black-tie events and formals. My favorite are these non-iron cotton pants from Banana Republic.

Destroyed denim is a fun look to sport here and there when you're in the mood. These white Bullhead denim shorts from PacSun match with any shirt and are great for hot days outdoors.

Navy shorts. They're simple and easy. 


Shoes either make you or break you. It's true- wearing sneakers to that job will immediately throw you way down on the list. From hipster to polished, these shoes should all be in your new collection.
When I look at these, I think street styled hipster - and I love it. There's nothing these monkstrap shoes from H&M aren't going to pair with. Just dressy enough to go with dress attire, but just casual enough to go with everything else. 

Grey suede shoes. They're like blue suede shoes but WAY more versatile (and who doesn't love blue suede shoes?). No matter the outfit, these Pasadena shoes from Bass will go with it.

Diesel Footwear ankle boots from Gilt

I love the edginess of these double-ankle boots from H&M, especially how they fold over for a casual look, or lace all the way up for a sleek, modern look.  

The black boot. Classic, but just modern enough.


I'm a huge fan of having one belt that goes with any outfit. That would be this tumbled Italian leather belt from Banana Republic. Buy this belt and you will never need any other.

This Infinite scarf from Forever 21 is perfect for making a statement. It goes with any material from dress shirt to tee shirt and is the perfect weight for year-around wear.

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