Thursday, August 18, 2016

One sentence to describe me: I'm forever a flower child. When it comes to decor, I'm always looking for something different, creative, and out of the ordinary - which usually involves making something myself. Because I'm always about keeping life bold, I always have to think way outside of the box. With this DIY centerpiece, I can add a chic look anywhere. For this post I'm using it as a centerpiece, but it can be used anywhere to add a bold look to any room - from living room coffee table to guest bathroom counter! Each item is also extremely versatile, too, so each vase could be used by itself to add a creative accent to any room.

Let's get started!

3 assorted sizes of clear, cylindrical glass vases (washed and dried to remove any dust)
1 can white spray paint with primer, any sheen
1 roll painters masking tape
assorted sizes of rubber bands
tealight candles
assorted flowers

Start with the vases, rubber bands, tape, and spray paint.

Use the rubber bands to create a stripe effect around one of the vases. Make sure the rubber bands are tight around the vase.
Repeat the same effect with the tape, overlapping the tape on itself so you have a tab that can be pulled to remove it later (very important!). I always gravitate towards odd numbered amounts, so depending on the size of your vase (and the width of the tape) it is more aesthetically pleasing to have 3, 5, or 7 stripes.
I decided to have one solid-color vase, but that is up to you. 

When spray painting, it's crucial to spray in light, short strokes over and over. This prevents dripping which you do not want. I sprayed mine on a large piece of cardboard outside - unless you have your own paint room this is not an indoor task. After coating each vase, I let them dry for about two hours and repeated the process. I would not recommend doing more than two coats, but I found that one just wasn't enough. Let the vases dry overnight before removing the tape and rubber bands.

Once the vases are dry, remove the tape from the tabs. The rubber bands are slightly trickier to remove. It's critical that you pull the bands DOWN towards the base to remove them. Because of the way the paint drips to the top of the rubber band, if you try to pull them off upwards it will pull the paint off the vase. Pull the bands down and you will be fine!

I used the vase with the rubber band pattern as a candle holder, it just made sense. It's versatile and adds an elegant touch to any centerpiece. I'm completely in love with the design. 

For the stripped vase, I arranged some branches to create a tall, eclectic look that can blend into any room.

To add color, I bought several different types of flowers from the local market and created my own flower arrangement. You could easily buy a "pre-made" arrangement and stick it straight in the vase, but I found that buying individual flowers was not only cheaper, but also gave me a chance to be more creative and create something with more personality. It's all about having fun!

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  1. I love this!! They turned out so beautiful