Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A few days ago, someone asked me with total sincerity, "Bryce, how do you do it?"

Some things hit way harder than others. I knew deep down that she was saying, "How do you do the book, the blog, the school, the homework, the friends, the workforce, the shows, the life, the confidence, the smiles, on and on and on and on and on..."

To the public, to my friends, and even sometimes to my family, all I let them see is confidence. All I let them see is my smiling, bubbly face - and maybe it's that. Confidence and certainty is what sells in a world, in people, full of uncertainty.

The truth is, this year has been hard for me in a number of ways. This year has been full of twists, turns, ups, downs, and maybe the reality is... maybe it's been hard for all of us? Maybe we all have an unspoken pain, unspoken worry, unspoken hell that we all are dealing with in our own little way.

Maybe we need less solutions, and more people climbing down ladders to look at us with total empathy and just say, "No matter what, I support you. I'm here for you. Here's a casserole. Call me whenever you need me. I'm always going to be here."

I see people constantly writing, "Dear Younger Me..." posts. That's not what this is. This is real, for the present, for everyone everywhere to soak in right now at this moment in time.

Dear You and Me and Us,

Your feelings are valid- and don't let anyone for one second tell you otherwise.

When your health is bad, and doctors shake their heads, and you start to feel unsteady, just listen, really, really, really listen when I tell you: You have got, you have got to keep going... because it's in the small, mundane moments that we are handed the greatest gifts. It's in the small, mundane moments that we receive a small token that turns into the greatest breakthrough, making us realize maybe life really is a wonderful, messy journey that's full of heartache; and, just maybe, if you look hard enough you will find the next big thing to look forward to, hang onto, stay in the game, and stay in the fight for.

Love the forever you. Today. Choose now to love the person you will be in forty years more than you love yourself today - because if you don't love your future-self, you are setting yourself to always be disappointed in yourself. Love the person you will be decades from now, the you who will make thousands of mistakes before even this next year is up. In the least, the opposite of love is disappointment in another individual, and don't think for one second that can't apply to yourself. Love everything about you. Always keep growing, always improve your mistakes, own your failures, but don't let them become your identity. Love the forever you - or the present you can't have hope for the future.

Love the poor, the person who disagrees with your agenda, and always have that one friend who makes everyone around you shake their heads. It'll keep you grounded, I promise.

Learn how to listen. Learn how to stop pointing fingers and really, truly, totally listen. Sit with the broken even when you are yourself. Sometimes that can be the greatest healer- everyone being in the race together, helping everyone to the finish line.

And most importantly, never, ever, for one second stop knowing, believing there is someone out there fighting for you, championing you, cheering you on, who sees you and knows you and believes in you.

So, when life gets hard, maybe? Maybe keep this tucked under your pillow for your hard days that will come, so you can always, always, know that it really is worth never giving up on anything - and never forget that you are so loved, adored, and only, ever, always have one name:


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  1. I like this. There is wisdom here. There is worldy advice so needed for a society who no longer lives with the world. Messages of love and acceptance at a time when hate and judgment overwhelms. Universal truths known to all but practiced by the precious few.

    Your voice is great. Honest and true

    Don't stop.