Monday, November 19, 2018

When Frank Sinatra debuted "New York, New York," he started a movement of people that wanted to taste for themselves what it meant to live in the Big Apple. Throughout my childhood, the iconic song had a personal meaning to me. Although I will always hold onto my southern heritage, I consider myself to be a New Yorker at heart. For me, being a New Yorker is less about geographical location and more of an innovative mindset. I like to think that, like myself, New Yorkers are born all over the world.

When I graduated highschool in May of this year, I honestly did not know what my next step would be in regard to my future. I had not committed to any of the many colleges I received acceptance offers from, I had very little motivation, and my private life was riddled with problems that left me feeling nothing short of empty at the end of the day. This last summer was one of my worst. The first week of July I almost knocked on death's door, and in those terrible moments, I knew a divine shift had come. I began typing an email to the admissions office at Wagner College in New York City where I had received a prior acceptance offer and explained that I knew it deep in my soul that New York City and the Wagner family was the place I needed to be. Within a matter of hours, I was embraced with open arms into the Seahawk family and Wagner College became my new home for the next four years.

Goodbye, North Carolina!
 I packed my life into three very large suitcases and chose to fly from North Carolina to NYC alone. When I boarded my plane, all I could think to tell myself was "by God, whatever it takes." That has become my motivational mantra.

Wagner College is wonderful because it is like a big family. Everyone here, from the professors to the distinguished faculty and staff all genuinely want you to succeed. I chose Wagner because I knew they believed in me.

Main Hall

The campus is not only gorgeous, it is also very functional. The majority of my classes are held in the stunning Main Hall. My dorm room is equally impressive, serving as both my bedroom and my quiet sanctuary that I have began to love. Living in one of the biggest cities of them all is something I wouldn't trade for anything - I love every minute. I am extremely proud of my decision to move to New York City from small-town North Carolina, and I have never felt more at home. I plan to stay here for a long, long time. As Billy Joel once said, "I've got a New York state of mind."

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