Monday, December 10, 2018

Every day we encounter people that inspire us. A while back, Bryce stumbled across an Instagram page by Rhiannon Johanna branded as SEEKER Poetry, and her poetic art deeply moved him. We have been a fan of hers ever since. Her words are raw, real, and honest. Rhiannon is making waves in our world by being herself. She strives to reach her future potential which is just as limitless as the words she writes on paper. We are so thrilled to have her here on the blog to talk about SEEKER Poetry!
by Rhiannon Johanna

I never quite fit into the usual things that everyone around me were participating in. Poetry was born from that dissonance. So I fell into it, really.

We spend our time believing in the thoughts of others, instead of our own. Why are we so afraid to hear what is inside of us? And to listen to that. And that alone.

I write of a search; a pursuit – to find what aligns you with your purpose – and somehow the place I found myself sharing my work was Instagram. It didn’t really make sense at the time and it still doesn’t. It’s a shallow world these days, especially online. But I want to break that. I want to be the substance.

And I am mostly unassuming and always near the ocean. I just moved to a little city on the east coast of Australia. I rolled in with my sister in our dodgy van that we had been travelling in for the last month. I am a bit of a runaway like that; I quit my job, sold half my belongings, and hit the highway with nothing but the horizon in sight.

The things I can’t see right now [inspire me the most]. That future potential. Those dreams.

Poetry is everything spun out and perfect. It is more than just a commentary on the world or feelings lined up neatly in rhymes. It is emotion written out thousands and thousands of times. The vision is in the books. Everything will come from the books. I have written collections of poetry that I am in the process of publishing. It looks like weeks and weeks of waiting for news. I am holding out for it.

I wish to bring attention back to poetry and literature as a cornerstone for the expression and opinions of our generation.

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